Thin-Lite manufactures a full line of marine lighting. We have interior lighting for modern and traditional style boats. Thin-Lites are ideal for a variety of marine interior uses, from chart reading to lighting steps or general ambient lighting.

We offer a selection of over 20 different marine rated models. Our lights are constructed with marine grade materials for exterior and interior applications. Some of these applications are noted below:

Cabin lighting – Our 170, 190, 400 and circline series fixtures are commonly used to illuminate cabins areas, galleys, laboratories, and wheel house where retention of Night vision is required. Our compact size fixtures allows you to install lighting where space is limited.

Compartment Lighting – Our 160 and 170 series are used for storage compartments, engine rooms, and under cabinet applications. They provide superior illumination, reliability and functionality.

Ceiling lighting – Surface and recessed models compliment cabin interior trim while providing even light source for the entire living area with the most elegant interior designs.

Wall lighting – Our 160, 190 and 600 series are most commonly used as wall lights that can provide the finishing touch to many interior settings, creating a warm atmosphere.

Under-Cabinet lighting– Under cabinet lights provide illumination where limited mounting space, carpeted, padded,  and contoured surfaces are found in Yachts, Sailing Vessels, and Power Boats.

Courtesy lighting – Our 160 Series provides an ideal solution to illuminate walkways and stairs at eye level where soft non-glare light source is maditory.

Engine & Utility Room lighting – Thin-Lite’s 160, 170, 180, and 190 series are an ideal solution for tight spaces such as engine rooms, bilge areas, closets, lockers, and below deck storage compartments.