In 1969, Thin-Lite Corporation pioneered fluorescent lights for the RV market. Sure, there were other fluorescents on the market, but they couldn’t match the durability and brightness of Thin-Lite.  

We are proud to say that Thin-Lite was the first in the industry to secure U.L. listing of 12 volt DC fluorescent for marine and RV’s.  Look for familiar U.L. and C-UL insignias on our packages.

Early on, Thin-Lite became recognized and in demand around the world. Whether in the Sahara, a jungle in South America, atop remote peak in the Alps, or on a farm in America’s Heartland, Thin-Lite’s products were dependable and efficient. In appreciation of this outstanding representation of American know-how, President Reagan awarded the Presidential “E” Award for Excellence in exports to Thin-Lite in 1984.

For years Thin-Lite has been  the leader in the development and manufacturing of 12 volt DC and LED lighting for industry, trucking and recreational vehicles. Using superior components, our all-aluminum housings are corrosion and rust resistant. Over 300 models are available to meet your lighting needs at work or play.  Our Thin-Lite engineers are not content just sitting on their laurels.  We have continued to test and refine the latest technology to meet tomorrow’s lighting needs.

With over 10 million Thin-Lite products in use worldwide, hearing from our customers is a given. We have received accolades from owners, manufacturers and dealers for both the quality of our products and our after-sales service.

Our dedicated and talented employees continue to produce the finest quality and most efficient products for a variety of lighting needs worldwide. This includes fixtures using LED’s, standard and full color spectrum fluorescent tubes. Custom features are available and we can design and build to customer requirements.