Thin-lites are a perfect lighting solution for all Recreational Vehicles. Our lights are available in a variety of sizes and mounting options. From surface-mount to recessed options, Thin-Lites allow you to design the perfect combination for your lighting needs.

Brighten up the interior and exterior of your RV with attractive lighting! Thin-lite offers superior selection of 12 volt light fixtures for all your recreational needs. These are some applications where Thin-Lites can and are being used:

Reading and Navigation Lights – Thin-Lite’s versitile designs mount on walls or ceilings. They deliver even, non-glare light without  hot spots to eliminate eye strain commonly associated with high intensity overhead Halogen fixtures.

Ceiling lighting – Any of our Thin-Lite fixtures can be used as a focal point or can be used to  illuminate an entire room.

Wall Lighting – Our 160, 190 and 600 series are most commonly used as wall lights that can provide the finishing touch to many interior settings, creating a warm atmosphere.

Under-Cabinet Lighting170, 190, 400, 600 series under cabinet lights provide illumination in hard-to-reach areas. The low profile of surface and recessed models are used in Van Conversions, Police Command Centers, Mobile Learning Centers, Medical Buses, and Pet Grooming Vehicles.

Closet Lighting & Courtesy Lighting – Our 160, 170 low profile, & 400 Series provides an ideal solution to illuminate walkways and stairs while at the same time creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting – Thin-Lite’s 160, 300, 600, 700 and Circuline lighting series are an ideal solution for these rooms. But virtually any of our fixtures can be used.

Outdoor Lighting/Awning Lighting160, 300 wall mounted and VFI Series extreme environment fixtures illuminate RV awnings, campground patio areas, and entry ways. We offer custom various styles and mounting options for your design needs